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You have dieted and exercised, yet you still have those stubborn fatty areas that you just can't seem to budge. Maybe you thought about liposuction but dreaded the thought of the pain, bruising, and down time that comes with cosmetic surgery well you don't have to fear anymore. Let us introduce you to the laser treatment called I-Lipo.
I-Lipo is a new generation of laser lipolysis, which works its magic by emitting low levels of laser energy targeted directly at fat cells. Fat cells release their contents that is mainly fat and is absorbed, circulated and removed naturally by the body.
The results can be seen immediately with a 30% reduction in fat layer and 0.5-4 inches of abdominal girth after just one treatment. Five to eight treatments are recommended. Most body parts can be treated, wherever there is stubborn fat that will not budge through diet and exercise alone including arms, legs, buttocks, thighs, hips, double chin (s), waist and male breasts.
The standard treatment protocol is 2 relaxing 20 minute treatments a week for 3-4 weeks. What do you have to lose?
I Lipo targets stubborn areas and empties fat cells
Lose an average of 1 inch after one single 20 minute treatment!
The client above completed 8 sessions over a 1 month time period.
Call for pricing.
All pre-paid treatments are non-refundable.
All Prepaid customers- failure to provide 24hr notice cancellation for appointments will result in the loss of a prepaid session.

*I Lipo cannot be performed on clients that are pregnant, epileptic, have a thyroid gland dysfunction, uncontrolled hypertension, have cardiac arrhythmias or heart disease, have a pace maker, actively undergoing radiation or chemotherapy, liver or kidney disease, have a photosensitivety to 650-660nm of light, have immuno-suppressed disorders